new necklaces - living the fangirl life šŸ˜

i was looking through the noto tag because my queue is at zero and HOLY SHIT! BLACK WIDOW #13 COVER!!! LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!! HALLO NEW HOMESCREEN!!!

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Finished Luther. Started Elementary. Damn you Netflix!

So I watched 5 seasons of Dexter in a really short time. Guess its time for a break.
(Only to start a new show of course šŸ˜‚šŸ˜)
Sorry that I don’t have time for you tumblr :/ I am not in the mood)

beautiful sunny saturday morning āœŒļøšŸŒž

Hi, Iā€™m Monik. #closeenough šŸ˜‚

under the sea šŸŽ¶ - new favorite shirt, design by @hodgesart šŸ˜

WROOOM! - Nom nom nom Apples!

My little Lego Star-Lord <3