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marvel comic meme [4/5] relationships
pietro maximoff & wanda maximoff

"All we’ll ever need is each other. "

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Damn me. Damn you all.

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mama said knock you out

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skywalkerspock replied to your post “skywalkerspock replied to your post: DONT FORGET TO VOTE FOR ME AT…”

Don’t u have it in glass jars? I thought I saw post of yours that was yogurt and reading comics. We only have it in cheap plastic containers in the states.

yessss we have but thats the brands “thing”

normally yoghurt comes in plastic containers here aswell ^^

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Thor Week - Day Four: Thor controlling the weather and/or Mjolnir moments

#thor #Yes
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Loki Week, Day 5 - Relationships: Loki & Thor

"For all the wretchedness of your past lives…I cannot imagine my present life without you. I brought you back and sought you out to bring you home, Brother.”

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I don’t have feelings and I don’t hold hands! for gamorasgalaxy

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Loki Week Day #5: Relationships

"Well, you do have a very punchable face, Loki.”

"I know, right!"

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Favorite depictions of STORM/ORORO MUNROE

Salvador Larroca “Uncanny X-Men” 487-491

"You are brave woman, Storm. Very brave woman."

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-“Tell everyone what’s this one’s about.”
-“It’s more about- instead of a Captain America adjusting to… you know, technology, he’s not amazed at the Internet… It’s more about understanding the company that he works for, it’s more about understanding- in order to provide the safety that we ensure, you may have to bend the rules, given modern technology. It’s a grey area in terms of what’s right and what’s wrong and I think that given the fact that Steve Rogers is from the forties, it’s a question of morality that bumps for him a little bit." [x]

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Lady Sif vs. the Avengers Deep Space Monitoring Station | Journey Into Mystery #652

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Clint: If you could go back in time and kill Hitler, wouldn’t you?

-Dark Reign: The List — Avengers     

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Amazing Spidey & Ultimate Aunt May
Spider-Men #4
Art by Sara Pichelli

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skywalkerspock replied to your post: DONT FORGET TO VOTE FOR ME AT MARVELOK…

Done. U have a quality blog. Comics plus interesting personal posts. Still fasincated by the way yogurt is served in Germany. - signed forever curious american. :-)


buuuuuut “the way yoghurt is served in germany”? 
?!?!?!?! I DONT UNDERSTAND - Explain!