Jubilee by Manos Lagouvardos

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AoS season2 - one gifset for episode  I Will Face My Enemy

Fitz, this team wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. This is big. Let me buy you a beer, mate. We haven’t gotten to work together much yet, but I thought this was a successful mission.


"I know the answer. Jesse Quick. Max Mercury. Jay Garrick. Wally West. Bart Allen. Barry Allen… The Speed Force.”

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im too lazy to scan my sketches and the commission i got last weekend. help.
(but maybe its better. i dont want you all to die of jelousy :P haha)

DC COMICS MEME: 3/5 male characters » Wally West

" I don’t wear this uniform to frighten anyone. And I don’t fight for vengeance."

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Flash Family + Symbols

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Barry Allen was once haunted by his past. But when he became the Flash he left the ghosts behind. He found love. A family

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