Rocket Raccoon by Mike S. Miller & Teodoro Gonzalez

Hail Hydra.
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I am not some starry eyed waif here to succumb to your… your pelvic sorcery!

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This is how it e n d s. 

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Ms. Marvel #07 (2014)

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The Hulk.

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People misunderstand our friendship. It’s not simply mutual respect. Or loyalty over time. As in any social setting, your friends are the ones you consider your equals. But your best friends - your closest friends - are the ones you consider your betters.

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out of all our siblings, i hated you least

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Deadpool never had a fourth wall

Secret Avengers #7 (2014)

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rocket meets bucky and sees the metal arm. he opens his mouth to speak. three rooms away peter yells “ABSOLUTELY NOT”