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America Chavez. Your ticket to the Multi-Verse and Queen of all she Surveys. (Young Avengers #7)

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COMIC BOOK MEME 4/5 favourite male characters: Young Loki

♪ No All-Father’s not proud of you… no brother acts ashamed… and all of Asgard will love you, when as a wizard you’re acclaimed… held in such high esteem! When people see me they will scream! For half of Asgards favourite te-e-am… ♪

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We don’t have a choice to stay,
We’d rather die than do it your way.

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What a day!
Now its time for Agents of SHIELD, Supernatural and Asia food :)

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remember who you are.

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Days of Future Past: Sunspot, Blink, Warpath and Bishop

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Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #1

Miles Morales gets bitten.

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Age of Ultron shooting

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Clint: If you could go back in time and kill Hitler, wouldn’t you?

-Dark Reign: The List — Avengers     

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Mighty Avengers #9

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Sharon. She’s nice.